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US bans Cruise Ships to Cuba 

Cruise industry organisation Clia said: “Without warning, Clia cruise line members are forced to eliminate all Cuba destinations from all itineraries effective immediately. This affects nearly 800,000 passenger bookings that are scheduled or already underway.”


Royal Caribbean was one of the first cruise lines to announce that it had adjusted its itineraries on 5 and 6 June so its ships - Empress of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas - do not stop in Cuba.


Meanwhile Carnival Cruise Line said it was replacing planned stops in Havana with another port of call outside Cuba.


"Guests currently aboard Carnival Sensation’s 3 June sailing will be calling on Cozumel this Thursday (6 June) instead of Havana," said the line in a statement. "We recognise Havana is a unique destination and may have been the reason for the selection of this itinerary.


"We are in the process of notifying our other guests of their new itineraries and their options, in the order of sailing date proximity."


Clia said in a statement: “All these bookings had been made under a general license previously issued by the United States government that authorised people-to-people travel to Cuba.


“The new rules effectively make it illegal to cruise to Cuba from the United States. While this situation is completely beyond our control, we are genuinely sorry for all cruise line guests who were looking forward to their previously booked itineraries to Cuba.”