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The Ultimate Packing Guide

When it comes to getting your suitcase ready, the sweet spot between over and under packing can be more elusive than we would like. Our agents at Fahy Travel are knowledgeable and well-travelled, and well-travelled means great at packing! Here is our ultimate guide to packing.

Regarding the suitcase itself, we can be very tempted to opt for the sturdiest one possible. Keep in mind the weight of your case is part of your total weight.
● Speaking of weight; don’t just pack to the absolute weight limit if that limit is beyond your means of moving easily. No point in having an exactly 20KG bag that you are planning on juggling with a carry-on, two children and a bus connection 30 mins from the airport if you are not able to manage the weight.
● Invest in luggage scales! They aren’t too expensive and knowing the weight helps you pack better, plus it’s a ‘weight’ off your mind when it comes to the stress of checking in and getting through security.
● It can be tempting to opt-in to vacuum seal your luggage, and it truly can be a great space saver. Just keep in mind you need to be able to reseal it all for the journey home, and often it is weight and not space that limits us.
● Decorating your case is a must to easily snag it from the carousel, think ribbons, stickers, even just some shoelaces to mark it as yours. In case anything is lost, mark your case with your destination and accommodation, as well as your number, email, name – but not your home address, that’s too much personal information.

Liquids, liquids, liquids. At this stage, most of us are familiar with the regulations regarding liquids in your carry-on (and our agents can help you with any airline specific rules when you book) but what about liquids and other delicate items in your checked-in bag?
● Ziploc bags can be a hero here; they’re practically weightless and have more use than just liquids. You can organise small but important items into individual clear bags; one for electricals and adaptors, one for medications, one for ‘returning home’ items such as your car keys, house keys etc. so that there is no panic when you’ve returned from relaxing on a beach for 10 days and haven’t the foggiest where that ‘safe place’ was that you put them!
● For extra security, you can pop the lids off your bottles of liquid and place a layer of clingfilm, then replace the lid. As for expensive items, be it cosmetic products or other, invest in some little travel bottles and leave the €70 moisturiser at home!
● When we are in the sun all day or out skiing, perhaps planning on enjoying hiking trails or being in the water every day, its important to ask yourself if you really need the full make-up bag. Some choice items could be packed instead, and if some of those are powders, we recommend popping a flat cotton wool pad inside to reduce the risk of your powder make-up cracking.
● If you have a favourite perfume its likely that you may have a body lotion to match – a holiday is the perfect time to bring this along instead of the glass bottle.

No matter where you are bound, it is often better to under pack – you can wash some smaller items in the sink or may have access to a laundrette, and its good to leave space for any souvenirs. Hopefully the above can help, and here are our wildcard 5 tips:
● If you’re not one for lists, just write a list of the absolute cannot forget items. We easily think of tickets, passports and wallets – what about the nightlight that your child will refuse to sleep without?
● Roll vs. fold is a long running debate when it comes to packing clothes – roll, roll, roll! It causes much less creasing and saves space when you’re playing suitcase Tetris.
● Have a guidebook that has some pages you can’t go without? Photocopy them and bring them along, rather than the whole weight of the book.
● If your suitcase is shared, packing cubes are incredibly helpful. These are lightweight, can be found cheaply and come in various sizes to separate people’s items from one another (ideal if you would like to hand your child a little pack of their own items when in the accommodation), or to pack very neatly with bottoms in one, tops in another and so on.
● Long-haul especially, but often just in general, our suitcases can leave clothes smelling a little stale. Pop in a tumble dryer or fabric softener sheet to refresh your items!