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Our Tips for Solo Trips

Thinking of travelling alone? The benefits of solo travel will always outweigh the risks, especially when you are prepared. In fact, solo travel can be as safe as travelling with a companion – the biggest difference is that all responsibility and decision making is up to you, and you alone. For some this is overwhelming, so let’s look at how you can be ready for your adventure.

The biggest decision you will make is your destination. Where you go depends on what you want from your trip, and how adventurous you would like to be. If you are a sociable person, most likely you will want a bustling tourist destination, or if not at least to be able to speak in the language of the locals. If you are more of an introvert, maybe travel to somewhere with a strong café culture – people watching is an activity all its own. We recommend choosing your destination based on the safety of a specific area, rather than the safety of an entire country. No matter where you are in the world, there will be safe and more dangerous areas; make sure you are destined for the right one!

There is nothing more freeing that creating an entire trip and itinerary to suit only you, however when it comes to your flight times we strongly suggest arriving at your destination airport with plenty of daylight left. Not only will it ensure you have various options of transport to your accommodation, but you will also find it much easier to note landmarks as you go. Getting the feel for an area is much easier in daylight, and if you are a nervous traveller, it will offer the best chances of not seeming too intimidating.

Before you fly, have duplicates of all your documents, on a mobile device, stored on the cloud or photocopied as well. We also suggest storing emergency numbers of your destination on your phone, and picking up a good old map in the event of your battery dying when you are adventuring. No matter your plans, consider learning a few local words especially the words to say “no, thank you” as well as how to state a firm and absolute “no”. Pack light (it will be you lugging it all around!) and consider the handy addition of a whistle in case you need to draw attention to yourself, and the business card of your accommodation. Last but perhaps most importantly; travel insurance! This is always vital when travelling but can be a true lifeline when travelling alone.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is the safest way to travel. On your solo journeys, the confidence and trust you will find in following your own intuition cannot be found elsewhere. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses, and discover things only found when in your own company. You will most definitely surprise yourself, and you can start practicing at home – why not book in for a dinner out by yourself, or visit a nice staycation hotel and take in the sights while only a drive away from home? Try it out and see what you find.