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Experience Honeymoon Luxury in the Maldives with F...

Experience Honeymoon Luxury in the Maldives with Fahy Travel

Travel Insurance

Here is why travel insurance should be seen as an essential cost of travel.

Experience Lanzarote with Fahy Travel

Fancy Lanzarote? If not, here’s why you should.

Destinations: Lets Go Surfing!

Bondi, California, Hawaii… These are some of the most popular surf spots in the world! If you have been there, done that or simply would prefer...

Experience Aruba with Fahy Travel

You’ve done the European sun holidays, the short flight city breaks, maybe even the long haul to the States. Looking for something new?

​Destinations: Lets Go Skiing!

Snow covered mountains, electric blue skies and unrivalled crispness in the air can be found at almost every ski destination; but what makes them diff...